How to get your boating license in BitLife – All boating license test answers

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For those who want to obtain a boat license and sail in the open sea in BitLife in their free time, you must pass a test. The test is not too expensive, it costs us $ 210, which is absolutely nothing. However, the test itself can be a bit tricky because there are a few questions you might ask, and not all have the same answer. If you want a license, you need to make sure you answer correctly. If you are wrong, you will have to wait another year, pay the license fee again and try again.

How to get a shipping license

Once you reach the age of 18, you can apply for a boating license at any time. All you need is enough money to pay the fee, and then you can set off. To get a license, go to the activity tab and scroll down until you see the licenses. Sailing should be one of the options. You do not need time to train before taking the test.

All questions and answers to the test of shipping licenses

These are all the questions and answers you may be asked during the shipping license test.

  • Which side of the ship should you NEVER moor?
    • Back side
    • Weak point
    • Port
  • What does this brand mean?
    • Performance limitations
    • Max. Power consumption
    • Engine power
  • What does this brand mean?
    • Speed ​​limit
    • Maximum horse performance
    • Performance limitations
  • What is the name of this side of the ship? (Rear of the ship)
    • Stern
    • End
    • Bow
  • What does this brand mean?
    • Controlled area
    • Slow donuts
    • No wake-up zone
  • What is the required type of fire extinguisher for a standard seagoing ship?
    • Type B1
    • Type R2-D2
    • Type BD-1
  • What is the name of this side of the ship? (front of the ship)
    • Bow
    • Just a tip
    • Stern
  • What does it mean?
    • Diver
    • Runner
    • Floater
  • What is the minimum required number of flares you should have on your boat?
    • Three
    • None
    • Two
  • What is this buoy? (Silver, with orange top)
    • Anchor buoys
    • Smokers buoys
    • Swimming buoy
  • What is the name of this side of the ship? (Left side)
    • Port
    • Left hand
    • Right side
  • What is the name of this side of the ship? (Right side)
    • Port
    • Right hand
    • Right side
  • What is this buoy? (Large, yellow, with a black anchor on top)
    • Anchor buoys
    • Mustard buoy
    • Watch out for buoys
  • Which vessel should be preferred when they are both approaching from an angle?
    • Left container
    • A shinier container
    • Slower vessel
  • What does this brand mean?
    • Excluded area
    • Swim Meet
    • Divers ahead
  • What is the minimum distance between boats?
    • 30 meters
    • 69 feet
    • 10 yards
  • On which side of the vessel should the red mark with the white eight pass?
    • Right side
    • West Side
    • Bow-side
  • What does this brand mean?
    • Danger area
    • Concert in front of us
    • Rock Bottom
  • What does it mean?
    • Need
    • Alert level orange
    • Private water

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