How to get Yareli in Warframe

Yareli is the latest Warframe to be added to the sprawling Digital Extremes lottery shooter and will be available to players on the farm after the Sisters of Parvos update is released.

We will return to this article after the release of the Warframe and add other details that players will need to get to the new Yareli Warframe.

How to get Yareli

Players can get the master plan for Yareli by completing the Waverider quest. After logging in after the update, players will receive an Inbox message from Roky, one of the children. However, players will need to complete the Vox Solaris quest to begin the Waverider quest.

Components for Yareli can then be obtained by completing research at the new Bash Lab, which will be added to the game with the Sisters of Parvos update. The Bash Lab can be built in the Clan Dojo as well as the Tenno Lab, Chem Lab, etc. We currently assume that players will need to build a lab and then conduct a survey to obtain plans, but will confirm these details when the update is released.

Thanks to Yareli’s ability from Yareli, a healthy K-ride is created that Yareli can pass during the mission, and it is possible to redirect some of the damage you do on board to Merulin. The Aquablades throws blades around Yareli’s vortex, which damages the enemies, and finally Cyclone Strike collects the enemies in a fast-paced AOE and releases them into the air.

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