How to get vehicles in Halo Infinite

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The multiplayer game Halo Infinite brings a lot of classic game feelings and updates the systems that make long-time fans of this series feel like new and familiar. This time the battlefield is larger, with more emphasis on equipment and, of course, the ability to catch stronger weapons in the field. However, another base for Halo multiplayer was vehicles. They always changed the fight and brought unique experiences. This is how you can get vehicles in Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Getting into a pig wart or banshee in Halo Infinite multiplayer is slightly different from previous games. The way it has always been done in the past is that vehicles have a starting point on the map. Like power weapons, anyone who gets to the vehicle first should have access to take control of it.

In Halo Infinite, vehicles don’t seem to start a match located inside the map. Instead of having reserved spawn points on the map, pelicans drop them at certain points.

Image over 343 Industries

As you play, you will hear the commander tell you that a pelican is heading for a vehicle. They’ll tell you what’s coming, whether it’s Scorpion, Hornet or whatever, and then you can look at the sky to see where it’s going. However, with vehicles brought into play in this way, watch out for nearby enemies who have also seen it delivered.

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