How to get the Striking Light mod in Destiny 2, and what it does

The Striking Light is a charged Light Mod in Destiny 2 that players can get from Ada-1 in the Tower Annex. Ada has returned to the game to take care of the Loom and Destiny 2 transmog system, and also sells a select set of modes that are only available from her.

The available mode changes every day, so players should check what’s in stock every day when resetting. All mods will cost 10 mod components. Mod components can be obtained by obtaining Banshee’s Daily Bounties, which are available in the main part of the tower.

The Striking Light mod will allow the Guardians to generate Orbs of Power from melee kills and swords. When Charged with Light, defeating melee fighters at close range and Swords will establish 1 Orb of Power for your allies and consume one Charged with Light stack. During the sprint, it also mediates some resistance to damage, which contributes to survival. The mod requires 5 power and an ARC armored piece to be used.

Ada-1 also takes care of the game’s transmog system, so players should make sure they are completely up-to-date in order to get these materials. Because the number of transmogs is effectively limited in each season, players should ensure that they all earn them, to make the most of the system.

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