How to get the Requiem Ultimatum in Warframe

The Sisters of Parvos update in Warframe has seen many systems added to the game, or expanded and changed. The Kuva Lich system has undergone several important changes, and the added Sister of Parvos system brings even more enemies to deal with and rewards you can earn.

An important and interesting system for both is the new Requiem Ultimatum. Requiem Ultimate is a new item that can fall when you defeat Kuva Lich or Sister of Parvos. It’s quite rare, because both enemies are difficult to deal with and can only be killed for longer periods of time and in-game time.

The Requiem Ultimatum has a 25% chance to drop when you transfer Vanquisha to your Kuva Lich or Sister Parvos, and will only fall for the person who “owns” the enemy, so you cannot pick up Requiem Ulimatums for other players.

The player can then use the Requiem ultimatum to force their Kuva Lich or Sister to reproduce in the mission if the mission takes place on the influence node. It is a useful way to increase the speed of hunting the enemies in question and keep their weapons and drops.

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