How to get the ICA 19 F/A Ducky Edition in Hitman 3


Image via Io Interactive’s Twitch

IO Interactive has unveiled Hitman 3 Season of Sloth. The new season brings with it the usual amount of content, although it has a new look at Selected Contracts, which should make them more interesting. In line with these community-created missions is the first new challenge to be added for older players, those who have been playing a rebooted Hitman trilogy since 2016. This challenge is inextricably linked to the ICA F / A Ducky Edition, and in this article we will explain how you can get it.

The new challenge requires players in Hitman 3 to complete a total of 40 Selected Contracts. Before the Sloth content season, there were the most Recommended Contracts you could complete, 37. By June 15, it will be possible to fulfill 40 required gun contracts. If you have completed each recommended contract so far, then you only need to unlock this latest weapon and complete the latest accessories.

However, if you have not completed the recommended contracts as they come in, you will have some work to do. The Recommended Contracts menu can be found in the main Contracts menu in Hitman 3. Once you open it, you will be welcomed with a list of Recommended Contracts. You can complete them in any order, but to get the ICA 19 F / A Ducky Edition, you must complete all 40. If you read this long after the Sloth season, there may be several more lists on them, but the requirement will still be 40 completed.

Note that there will be no 40 recommended contracts in Hitman 3 until the server maintenance is completed, which begins on June 15 at 7:00 PT.

What is ICA 19 F / A Ducky Edition?

Image via Io Interactive’s Twitch

This weapon is a fun new challenge for all Hitman fans. It is stamped with an iconic rubber duck, which Agent 47 loves to use. Under the paint, however, it is a fully automatic silent ICA pistol, which will allow fast work for anyone who is unlucky enough to be caught at the wrong end.

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