How to get the Glorifier in Rocket League & Best Prices

how-to-glorifier-decal-in-rocket league-and-the best prices

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Glorifier is a decal on the black market in the Rocket League, thanks to which your vehicles look as if color is flowing on them. Unfortunately, as with the most sought-after decals, this one has a permeable drop from crates on the black market. Below 1%. However, it is still possible to earn this decal, and in this guide we will explain how you can and how much you should expect to pay for it.

How to get a decal Glorifier

The most reliable way to get a Glorifier decal in the Rocket League is to buy a crate on the black market and drop it. However, this is especially difficult due to the rate of decline, which means a much greater burden that you may want to put up with. There are third party websites that allow you to contact other players who are willing to sell their decals and start a deal. However, it depends on the seller to complete his end of the trade and exchange something for Decal, such as credits.

If you are looking for a dealer, we recommend using Rocket League Exchange. This is a Subreddit where players meet to exchange their items for fair deals. It’s part of the community, unlike business.

Best prices for Glorifier decal

The price for a Glorifier decal varies from platform to platform. Third-party websites are difficult to track because each seller will have their own price. However, the last average market price on all platforms is 221 credits. This is slightly different each week, but the 250 brand is probably right when you are looking to buy a Glorifier.

Of course, if you manage to get Blueprint for Glorifier, you can make it yourself. However, you will have to spend approximately 2,000 credits on its production. Given that you may only have to spend 250 credits to buy it, it seems that the effort to obtain these credits is not worth it.

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