How to get the Fallen Charger mount in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

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There are several handles that you can pick up and add to your collection in World of Warcraft. With the expansion of Shadowlands, there are even more options to choose from, although many will let you run through the content and complete some difficult challenges. So for those who want to add a Fallen Charger to their collection, you have your work ready for you.

Mount Fallen Charger is a spectral house with golden armor and bright flames coming from its mouth and eyes. It is a terrifying creature, thanks to which it will become a valuable nut for you so that you can go into battle. To add this mount to your collection, you must defeat the NPC of the same name, an elite with a rare chance to appear in The Maw. The specific item you are looking for from Fallen Charger is Fallen Charger’s Reigns.

Fallen Charger is an elite NPC who appears somewhere in The Maw. When an NPC appears, its overall goal is to reach Korthia, and if it reaches Korthium, the NPC disappears and prevents players from defeating and looting it. So when you see this creature, you want to make sure you have a lot of friends to defeat it, because it’s hard to defeat it yourself, given the amount of health that is associated with it.

If you defeat the Fallen Charger before arriving in Korthia, there is a chance that you will get a Mount Fallen Charger, but like the elite NPC, it is a rare find.

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