How to get the Death Rites rifle in Far Cry 6

Screenshot by Gamepuru

Death Rites is an excellent rifle that players can buy in Far Cry 6. As a signature weapon, they cannot make any changes to the weapon, but thanks to their special advantages and additions, they can wrap a shot.

You will find the Death Rites rifle after the mission The New Revolution. In this mission, players find themselves infiltrating enemy ships to free prisoners to gain a favor at La Moral. After the mission is over and they have returned to the mainland, they come ashore near several huts in a small village.

Death Rites shoots a piercing round, making it ideal for those who have a hard time dealing with enemies. It also comes with a compensator, so recoil is not a problem with fully automatic firing. It comes with a 4-star fashion called Vampiric Triada, which gives it a chance to heal you if you cause damage. This makes it a fantastic choice for protracted shootouts.

Finally, it comes with a Supremo Headshot, which gives you an extra Supremo fee when you get headshots. Due to the importance of headshots against armored targets, this combines well with penetrating ammunition.

Death Rites is an excellent weapon when your plans disappear from the tracks and you find yourself in a flood of heavy enemies.

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