How to get the Chicken Tofu recipe in Genshin Impact

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The update to Genshin Impact 1.6 brought several new recipes to the game, including the Chicken Tofu recipe. To achieve this, players will have to help Chef Smiley at the Wangshu Inn and complete a global mission.

First, head to Genshin Impact at Wangshu Inn. It can be found south of Dihua Marsh, between the main part of Mondstadt and Liyue. Go to the top of the building and to the kitchen, then talk to Chef Smiley Yanxiao.

He will tell you that he is afraid he may lose his job, and he must come up with a new dish to impress the restaurant owner. Jiangxue, another NPC, comes for lunch and the three of you sit down to enjoy a nice meal. When he learned of Smiley’s troubles, he recommended an old recipe that helped someone and suggested that you cook it, as it required skill with a dexterous sword.

You will need the following ingredients for this recipe:

  • Bird eggs x 1
  • Snapdragon x 1

Bird eggs are found on trees all over the map and regularly breed on the roof of a building in Mondstadt. Snapdragon can be found in the wild and grows on small islands northeast of the inn, making it very easy to collect for this task. Bring both items to Smiley so you can continue your search.

Then you will have three things you need to do:

  • When you are asked to cut the meat, hit the meat on the table with your sword
  • When asked to place water in the pot, strike the pot with Hydro abilities
  • When asked to light a fire, hit the fireplace with the Pyro ability

And that’s it, the food will be complete. Once the characters have finished, you will be rewarded with a chicken tofu recipe and will be able to prepare it from the following ingredients:

  • Hen x 4
  • Ham x 2
  • Bird eggs x 2
  • Snapdragon x 1

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