How to get the Channeling enchantment and what does it do in Minecraft?

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Enchantment helps keep Minecraft game interesting and diverse by giving players powers they don’t usually have. From walking on water to shooting an infinite number of arrows from a bow, the various spells in the game are a welcome addition for anyone who wants to survive a little more manageable. However, one of the strangest spells in the game is Channeling. Here’s how to get it and what it does.

Channeling is the exclusive spell of Trident, thanks to which lightning hits the crowd that this Trident hits during the throw. It will only work when throwing; You can’t make a lightning strike with a close attack on a trident. A storm must also take place for lightning to be available. If you are near the Lightning Rod, the flash will ignore the Rod and go to any crowd to which you throw the Trident.

Channeling is primarily a tool used to convert pigs into piglins, villagers into witches and creepers into charged creepers. Before this spell was available, you had to rely on a very small chance that the game would hit a good crowd for the changes to take effect.

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To get Channeling, you need to get a Channeling Enchanted Book. This can be achieved by raiding, fishing, buying from a librarian or looking for a chest in different places. You can also get it from the Enchantment Table. Channeling will not work on any Trident who currently has the Riptide spell.

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