How to get the Ambassador in Warframe


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The Ambassador is a new Corpus assault rifle that has been added to the Warframe with the Sisters of Parvos update. It can fire an explosive shot at a distance or fire in a fully automatic mode and cause congenital electrical damage.

The weapon is defined by extremely high accuracy and rate of fire. combined with solid statistics of critical damage and chance of a condition. Because the weapon deals 100% electrical damage, it cannot be increased using Impact, Slash or Puncture modes, and the charging mode is extremely heavy.

To obtain the Ambassador, players will need to play Empyrean Survival missions in Railjack. Parts of the ambassador fall from the following sources:

  • Venus Proxima – Blueprint
  • Veil Prosima – Blueprint
  • Neptun Proxima – in stock
  • Pluto Proxima – receiver

All parts will fall in rotation C or in the fourth round of missions and will continue to have a chance to fall every four rounds from this point.

This guide is under construction.

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