How to get Tenet Weapons in Warframe

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Tenet weapons have been added to the Warframe in the Sisters of Parvos. They are the personal weapons of the titular Sisters, variants of existing weapons that work a little differently. Players can get these weapons in two ways.

While both are effective game methods, one provides a set weekly reward and the other depends entirely on the range of player-controlled factors.

Method 1 – Sister of Parvos system

Like the Kuva Lichs, the Sisters of Parvos are nemesis enemies who chase players through the system. After a player generates and kills Sister Parvos, he can obtain her weapons. This method will take some time, as players must engage in an extended battle with their sister over a star map.

The advantage of this method is that players can choose with Warframe that they want to use as an ancestor for the sister, which affects aspects of their construction, equipment and kit.

Method 2 – Ergo Glast

Players can collect a resource called Corrupted Holokeys and bring them to the Ergo Glast on any relay to purchase a tenet weapon. He will have one Tenet weapon at his disposal, which will alternate each week.

To retrieve these damaged holokeys, players will need to play Void Storm missions. Void Storms are a version of Void Fissures from Railjack and, like these missions, allow players to open Void Relics. After completing the mission, the player will have a chance to get a Corrupted Holokey from the Void Storm drop tables.

Glast can be found in the Perrin Sequence room and will have the ability to “Browse items” when interacting with it. The exact token gun that Ergo Glast has for sale will take turns every week, so don’t forget to check what he’s selling, otherwise you’ll be chasing drops from the Sisters of Parvos.

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