How to get Style Chips in Knockout City

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The comic gameplay and funky aesthetics of Knockout City managed to turn a lot of heads. As is the case with most games today, Knockout City has clothes that players can recall to show off their tastes. In addition, each piece of equipment in the game has three different styles that players can unlock with Style Chips. This means that new players can struggle with getting Style Chips because the game does not say how to earn them.

How to get style tokens

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In addition to the random Brawl Shop offer, where you could buy a Style Chip for 100 Holobuxes (game currency), Style Chips can only be earned through Street Rank, which will increase rewards in Knockout City. After each match, you will get a different amount of XP, which will depend on your performance in the game. The experience gained accumulates in your account and will help you level up, similar to a battle passport system. Each time you reach a higher level, you get a random reward. This means that style tokens are rewarded only at set milestones. For example, you will be able to earn a Style Chip at level 7 and then a Style Chip at each of the next 10 levels earned (17,27,37, .., 87). Players receive one Style Chip for each milestone, except for levels 47 and 97, where players receive 3 and 5 Style Chips.

Unfortunately, Style Chips cannot be bought with real currency, so you need to use it with caution.

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