How to get Pride Player Cards in Valorant

Image via Riot Games

Riot Games celebrates Pride Month in Valorant by introducing new cards for acquired players. To access exclusive cards, simply apply specific codes, similar to the recently issued Duality card code.

All Valorant Pride player card codes

Although the validity of these codes is unknown, they are expected to remain valid throughout the proud month. There are a total of seven codes, each with its own playing card. All cards have vivid colors and fit perfectly into the Pride Month theme. Here are all the codes:

  • Galactic
  • Dusk
  • Sherbet
  • Candyfloss
  • Main
  • Sunset
  • Prismatic
Image via Riot Games

How to redeem Pride card codes

To redeem these codes, follow the steps below:

Riot Games is also celebrating the first anniversary of Valorant with a number of new events. Night Market, Give Back Bundle and WWFEST are back in the game, with the introduction of the new exclusive YR1 EVENT PASS. A new agent will also make his debut in the coming season. The entire event and celebration features will last a month, so play regularly during this period.

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