How to get Moss Blocks in Minecraft

Moss blocks in Minecraft are a useful object that you can use to propagate azaleas and azalea leaves. There are several ways to get this block and place it in a place that is more convenient for you. Unfortunately, for the first part of Minecraft’s Caves and Cliff in 1.17, this block does not naturally generate in the world. However, it appears in other places.

Under normal circumstances, a mossy block would appear in lush caves. You should find these under azaleas that are naturally born in Minecraft. However, fresh caves were not added in update 1.17 and there are no naturally occurring azaleas. The only way to get mossy blocks is to trade in Wandering Trader or plunder the chests found in shipwrecks.

Shipwrecks can appear in most oceanic biomes, but they are quite rare. You should find several chests inside the shipwreck. Depending on the size of the wreck and the parts you find, you will find one to three chests in it. More often than not, you will only meet one. If you are looking for moss blocks, you want to invest in supply chests that are in front of the boat.

Alternatively, you can talk to Wandering Trader. They will exchange two mossy blocks for one emerald. A good way to combine the two is to first explore the shipwrecks. If you can’t find a supply chest, there’s a treasure chest and it may contain an emerald. All you have to do is find a Wandering Trader and you will be able to get your moss block.

There are several items that you can create using a moss block. You can turn it into a mossy rug, mossy cobblestone or broken mossy stones. If you give him bone meal, you can plant Azalea leaves and then create an Azalea tree, even though it is not yet naturally born in Minecraft.

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