How to get more Grafts in Griftlands

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Griftlands is a roguelike deck builder with several different means of administration. The most urgent are the two packs you use to battle or negotiate with people you meet in the game. While you are on the right track for these packages, it is also important to manage the extensions you get in the form of grafts. Grafty basically serves as upgrades changing more games that you can earn from running to running in Griftlands. These do not hold you if you die, but it is relatively easy to earn them if you know where to look.

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The most visible way to earn new grafts is to engage in combat and complete tasks. If you have a choice of several options, constantly check your rewards for assignments. Many of them give you the opportunity to get new grafts, but if you move fast, it’s easy to miss it. Similarly, searching for boss battles or time-limited events can often lead to new grafts. In fact, once you take off the boss, you can immediately choose between three boss grafts. These can sometimes be incredibly strong, so be sure to try these tough fights.

In addition to the two obvious ways to earn more, another important area to pay attention to is the various black markets of this game. Each character has a store that you can visit that will sell grafts. Prices usually range from 100 to 300 shillings, so be sure to come up with cash on hand. We recommend that you try to save some money during the first day of your play so that you can buy a new Graft or pet if none of the grafts on offer suit your lineup. Each of these things can really take your running to the next level.

It is also important to realize that you want to make sure that you are actually using grafts that you have acquired or purchased. Like the cards in your deck, you upgrade your grafts after you have used them sufficiently. Try not to get grafts that you never use. In addition, use our tips to stock as many grafts as possible and you will soon be ready to take over Griftlands.

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