How to get Mason Villagers to sell you Dripstone Blocks in Minecraft

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If you have searched for Dripstone Blocks in Minecraft, you can get them. There are two effective ways to find them. You will be able to find them in random caves around the world of Minecraft, but they have little chance of multiplying in these environments. They are quite rare.

Another alternative is to have the Masonic villagers sell the Dripstone Blocks. You can place them anywhere and create pointed drip stones that you can use to create even more blocks. When lush caves become available, you will be able to find Dripstome blocks in these underground biomes much more often.

Mason Villager will offer you a Dripstone Block when they reach the Journeyman level. Once they reach it, they have a chance to offer you a Dripstone Block. It doesn’t always happen. You’d better try to have two or three Mason villagers with whom you constantly trade emeralds to increase your chances of offering you Dripstone Block.

When they have one for you to trade, they will offer you four Dripstone blocks for one emerald, which is a great offer. The rank of Villager’s Traveler is his third level. If the village does not have a Masonic villager, you can place a stonemason’s block down and try to give this nearby occupation this new profession.

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