How to get into the castle in Resident Evil Village – Maiden Crest and Demon Crest Locations

When you first arrive in the strange village that gives Resident Evil Village its name, a horde of werewolves gets you, who eventually leave for unknown reasons. Then you have to try to get to the castle.

To do this, you will need two stone ridges, which you place in the wall. This will open a secret door that will let you into the castle grounds. In the village there are Maiden Crest and Demon Crest. For the virgin ridge, simply go right through several iron gates to the building with the blue trim and there you will find a rest on the table. Demon Crest requires a lot more work.

Once you have Maiden Crest, leave the building and go through the broken gap in the wall. This leads to the cottage on the left and the grassy hill on the right. Explore the cottage and loot all the objects, then quickly head up the hill. It is full of werewolves, but you can easily deal with them by getting to the top and communicating with the wide gate. Some NPCs will call from the right, so go to the door and talk to them.

At the end of the dialogue, jump through the window at the back, up to the blue box on the left and over the wall. Rob the shed, then go down and open the gate to let in another NPC. On the right you will find a small wooden box that has Demon Crest inside, but you can’t catch it yet.

Let the whole dialogue play and you end up inside the house. There are a lot of dialogues and story developments that we will not spoil. Eventually you will find that you are imprisoned and need to flee the house. You’ll be in the garage, so explore it to the fullest and go to the kitchen there. You will find several keys in the drawer to the left of the sink. In interaction with them and turning, you look at the back, where you can press the called button and get a screwdriver. This is an important item that you will need to get Demon Crest.

Rob the rest of the room and go back to the car, where a more linear story will take place. Again, we do not want to destroy these events for you. You don’t have to make any decisions and you can always go in only one direction. When you find yourself back in front of the house, use a screwdriver to get the demonic ridge, then return to the wall and place both ridges in it to open the gate to the castle.

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