How to get glow ink sacs in Minecraft

If you want to add a little shine to your item frames or add a little glow to your Minecraft tags, you can turn them on with inkjet bags. When you add a radiant ink bag to an item frame, it becomes a Glowing Item Frame, and when you apply a radiant ink bag to a tag, your text has a strong glow, making it easier to read in the dark. You can get this item from Glow Squids, which swim in the ocean.

These squid look just like the normal ones you’ve probably seen swimming in the ocean before. The real difference is their color, where they have a bright green and white color when swimming in the ocean. If you get too close to them and scare them, they will release glowing ink into the water to try to get away. Because you are after them for this unique coloration, just remove them and the glowing squid should drop a few glowing ink bags that you can use.

Screenshot by gameerror

Glowing item frames are a welcome addition to some items appearing, especially if you want to mark certain chests. When you apply a glowing ink bag to a sign, the text looks a little clearer, but it can be difficult to see, depending on the type of sign used and the text you added to it.

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