How to get Ducats in Warframe

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In Warframe, Ducats are the special currency you need to trade with Baro Ki’Teer. Each item Baro sells requires two different currencies to purchase, standard credits and ducats. In this guide we will show you how to get Ducats.

To do this, you will need to invest a time farm and opening relics and an important reward from most missions in the game.

How to get ducats

There are a few steps to getting Ducats in Warframe, but they are all part of playing the game, so you should always be able to get them. You need Relics first. Relics are rewards from missions that can be unlocked and get Prime parts. All Prime Warframes and Prime Weapons are locked behind Relics.

First you have to do some missions in the game to get some relics; they can fall from ANY type of mission. The second step is to unlock these relics by performing Void Fissure missions. You will find them in the upper right corner of the Navigation screen. To open Relic, you must go through a mission and collect reactants that fall from the Void enemies. Any enemy with an energy field of gold around him can discard this reactant. When you pick up 10 of them, Void Relic will open and you will complete the mission to get the item you unlock. If you’re playing with a squad, you can choose from any item your four has unlocked.

Now that you have some parts of Prime, you can travel to any relay and go where Baro usually appears. There will be kiosks in this area, communicate with one and the menu shown in the picture above will open. In this kiosk you can exchange any part of Prime for Ducats. They will have a value of 15, 45 or 100 ducats, depending on the rarity of the item. And it is done; Now you know how to get Ducats.

Be careful what you sell and only sell parts for Warframes or weapons that you don’t want to build yourself. For example, if you already have Saryn Prime, you can safely sell any other parts of Saryn Prime that you unlock. Most players will have items they want to unlock for themselves and items they might want to sell for Platinum in other player stores, the rest will change to Ducats.

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