How to get Corrupted Holokey in Warframe

Corrupted Holokeys are a special resource in Warframe that was added in the Sisters of Parvos update. This rare resource is difficult to obtain and is used to obtain special weapons in the game, which is quite difficult to obtain by other means.

To retrieve these damaged holokeys, players will need to play Void Storm missions. Void Storms are a version of Void Fissures from Railjack and, like these missions, allow players to open Void Relics. After completing the mission, the player will have a chance to get a Corrupted Holokey from the Void Storm drop tables.

The chances of getting the key are the same regardless of the mission, but the location of the mission will affect how many damaged Holokeys will be awarded if the player is lucky. The rewards are as follows:

  • Earth Proxima – 37.5% chance of getting 2 damaged Holokeys
  • Venus Proxima – 37.5% chance of getting 2 damaged Holokeys
  • Neptune Proxima – 37.5% chance of getting 3 damaged Holokeys
  • Saturn Proxima – 37.5% chance of getting 4 damaged Holokeys
  • Pluto Proxima – 37.5% chance of receiving 5 damaged Holokeys
  • Veil Proxima – 37.5% chance of getting 6 damaged Holokeys

Damaged holokeys can be used to purchase rifle weapons from Ergo Glast on Relays. Glast can be found in the Perrin Sequence room and will have the ability to “Browse items” when interacting with it. The exact token gun that Ergo Glast has for sale will take turns every week, so don’t forget to check what he’s selling, otherwise you’ll be chasing drops from the Sisters of Parvos.

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