How to get Best Buddy status in Pokémon Go

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Adding a friend to Pokémon Go gives you the opportunity to browse your favorite Pokémon and explore the world together. There are many benefits to choosing a friend, for example, you will earn candy for this Pokémon at certain distances, making it easier to power and strengthen them. This is especially useful for legendary or even rare images that you may have. If you go out with your friend enough to complete the tasks every day, you will eventually gain Best Buddy status with this Pokémon.

With the Pokémon you have chosen as your friend, you can achieve four states: Good Buddy, Great Buddy, Ultra Buddy, and Best Buddy. Best Buddy is the highest statistic, with all Pokémon starting with Good Buddy. You can improve your friend’s condition by feeding them, walking together, fighting, playing together, taking a picture of them or visiting a new place. With this friend, you can complete the maximum number of activities every day. Every activity gives you a heart.

This is the number of hearts you will have to earn with your fellow Pokémon to reach each level.

  • Good friend: One heart
  • Great friend: 70 hearts
  • Ultra Buddy: 150 hearts
  • Best friend: 300 hearts

If you complete all the daily activities you can do with your friend, you have a chance to earn at least 12 hearts a day. When your Pokémon friend reaches an “excited” mood, they receive double hearts, which gives you a chance to win bonus hearts, but for most Pokémon it’s a relatively unusual mood level, so I wouldn’t try to make it happen outside of using Poffin, a special delicacy you can feed your friend.

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