How to get Animo Nav Beacons in Warframe

The warframe is full of boss fights. Some are easy to find, while others will require a little more work. Fighting Ambulas bosses will require players to get to Hades, Pluto, but will need 5 Animo Nav Beacons.

Getting these Animo Nav beacons is a bit awkward. The only way to get them is to hack the Ambulas proxy on the Corpus Outpost Tileset on Pluto. Ambulas Proxies are sent to Condor Dropships missions. Players will have to defeat them and then hack them by interacting with them.

The proxy is not as hard to defeat as the boss of Ambulas, but it is still a tough enemy and players will want to equip weapons that cause damage by electrical, magnetic and radiation. Thanks to its abilities, Nova is able to place them on one side with the right construction to a large extent.

Below you will find all the Corpus Outpost nodes on Pluto and the types of missions you will find there. Defense missions are a solid place for their breeding, because Dropship arrives once every five waves.

Node Mission type Level
Cerberus Capture 30 – 40
Hades Assassination 35 – 45
Hieracon Excavation 35 – 45
Mint Mobile defense 30-34
Narcissus Exterminate 32 – 36
External Terminus Defense 30 – 40
Rain Save 34 – 38
Dry Defense 35 – 45

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