How to get Amethyst Shards in Minecraft

Amethyst shards in Minecraft can be difficult to find. You have to find them in promising amethyst blocks that appear next to amethyst geodes. When the promising Amethyst forms a bud, this bud must reach its full maturity to become an amethyst cluster, you can then extract these particular spawns and obtain amethyst shards. The real difficulty you will encounter will be finding these starting amethyst blocks and making sure you get as many amethyst shards as you can when they meet them.

In amethyst geodes you will find beginning amethyst blocks. Geodes appear underground. While exploring the underground water caves, we were able to find our first and came across a large black dome. The dome contains amethyst in the middle, which has a distinctive dark purple color. You will find them under y = 70 and the subsoil, so you must be prepared to dive deep into your Minecraft world to find them.

When you arrive at the amethyst geodes, you want to find the largest crystals there. They will be clusters of amethysts. They will be the largest of the crystals and should appear with four shards sticking out and one in the middle. The only way to obtain amethyst shards from these clusters is to use an iron, diamond or non-etherite pickaxe. Each amethyst cluster has a chance to discard four shards, but you can increase the number of shards you receive with a Fortune I, II, or III enchanted pickaxe. The higher the level of Fortune enchantment you have on the pickaxe, the greater the chance that you will get more shards. You can potentially get up to 16 shards on Fortune III.

You can use these shards to craft various objects, such as an amethyst block, binoculars or tinted glass.

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