How to get a King’s Rock during A Very Slow Discovery in Pokémon Go

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Pokémon Go kicked off the Discovery Season for the summer, exchanging Pokémon that have appeared around the world and three months full of new Pokémon for captivity, along with events. The first event will be A Very Slow Discovery, which celebrates the debut of Galarian Slowpoke, a Pokémon from the Galar region featured in Pokémon Sword and Shield. This event is a challenge for a collection where you need to develop a slow motion in a slow motion. The only way to do that is through the evolution of King’s Rock.

Under normal circumstances, items of evolution are a bit difficult to obtain. You have to be incredibly lucky to turn the Pokéstop dial and drop it or wait for the weekly Breakthrough Research Challenge to complete. Both options have a low rate of decline. For the Very Slow Discovery event, there will be a specific field research task you want to find, which will give you a guaranteed King’s Rock item.

The task of the field research you want to find will be to “develop a Pokémon”. If you turn the Pokéstop dial and receive this field research task, you can expect to receive a King’s Rock course, and then you will be able to create Slowking from every Slowpoke you want if you have enough candy. meet this requirement. This field survey will end when the event happens, at 13:00 on June 13 in your local time zone.

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