How to gamble away a lot of money in BitLife

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For those trying to meet the Deadbeat Dad challenge in BitLife, one of the requirements for this task is to gamble a lot of money. There is no defined amount of money you need to lose to meet the requirements of this challenge; it’s a little open. However, the additional requirements of the challenge mean that you can’t make a lot of money at once, so it can be difficult to have access to a lot of money that you can lose in the first place. In this guide, we will describe in detail the best way to gamble with a lot of money.

We strongly recommend switching between freelance contracts and part-time jobs. These tasks are not considered “full-time”, so you meet one of the requirements of the Deadbeat Dad challenge. Freelance concerts give you instant access to money, while part-time work gives you money every year, just like full time. You can make a lot of money working as a freelancer, but it takes time and a lot of clicks, which makes them tired.

Once you have about $ 10,000, go to your casino and start gambling. There is a delicate balance between the desire to win quite a bit and then lose. You want to lose to complete the task, but you also want to win, so you meet the gambling requirement for a lot of money. We recommend that you make a lot of money first, win at the casino, and then deliberately start gambling. We don’t know the exact amount, so check your requirements page often.

Freelance concerts are something you do as many times as you want BitLife throughout the year. It takes a lot of clicks to complete, but it’s a good way to make money immediately, especially if you’re gambling in the same year.

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