How to flip reset in Rocket League

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Flip resets in the Rocket League are a flashy but incredibly difficult mechanic. However, pulling a flip reset can help you take the ball directly into the net and complete an incredible goal. So how do you pull out a flip reset in Rocket League? Let’s take a look at what you need to know, plus a few tips on how to get there.

First you want to push the ball from below the wall. Then, and it’s important to realize, you should make sure that you provide enough space between the vehicle and the ball. Useful tip, with the kind permission of one YouTuber, is braking when jumping into the air. While this will reduce the speed of your vehicle, it will give you this space.

It’s really complicated now. The goal, once you are in the air, is to time the contact with the ball correctly. To be able to tilt correctly, you must make sure that the underside of the car is aligned with the ball when it comes in contact with the ball. When you do, the ball will have to hit the center of the bottom.

As soon as the ball touches this side, an imaginary “switch” is activated in your vehicle. You do not see this switch, but as soon as the ball touches this part of the car, the vehicle automatically resets.

Another tip from YouTuber Virge is this: try flying it upside down to the ball. For leveling purposes, it is also useful to fly directly to the ball. This should help ensure that you hit a square ball on the vehicle’s reset switch.

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