How to find the Dishonored dueling pistols in Deathloop

how to find disgraced gunfights in death

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Deathloop has several Easter eggs scattered around the world Blackreef. Some are links to Arkane Studios games, while others nod to popular franchises like Tomb Raider. This guide explains how to find Dishonored Easter Egg Combat Pistols, which some fans think connects the two worlds.

How to find disgraced combat pistols

Dishonored combat pistols will be revealed to you in the final moments of Deathloop’s story. So if you haven’t finished the game yet, you may want to stop reading right away.

After Colt uses the RAK to reach Julianna, she asks him to sit down and presents him with a box of combat pistols. He says they are part of history and worth preserving, and tries to show Colt that the loop is worth preserving because it means history. Soon after, you will have the opportunity to kill Julianna or let her live.

These pistols are extremely similar to those in Dishonored, which players must use at a masquerade party. They are part of a short side quest in which one character tries to save his face and regain his honor, and Corvo happens to be a character who has to take part. Anyone who has played Dishonored will almost immediately recognize the signature pistol.

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