How to find buried treasure in Minecraft

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Minecraft has many surprises hidden in many biomes and seeds. Exploring your world is as engaging as setting up a base and gathering resources to survive. The more updates for the game come out, the more new areas we will explore. For anyone who enjoys the life of a pirate, you will find buried treasure hidden in various areas. Here’s how to do it.

To find a buried treasure in Minecraft, you must first obtain a treasure map. The only way to get a treasure map is to find a sunken ship. These are mostly found in ocean biomes, but sometimes you can come across them on the beach. There aren’t too many of them in the world, so be careful.

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Enter the ship and next to some other items there will be a chest that will contain a treasure map. If you’re underwater, be sure to be fast. There may be up to two more chests on the ship, but only one will have the map you want.

When you have your treasure map, pull it out and look at it. As you might expect, X indicates where you need to go. Buried treasure is usually located on the beach, but sometimes it can be underwater. When you get to the X on the map, start digging and you’ll find it underground at some point.

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Buried treasure chests always carry the Heart of the Sea and also some other goodies that you can take. Don’t forget to catch everything and return safely from your digging place.

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