How to find and light up all the devices in Genshin Impact – Golden Apple Archipelago

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Once you arrive at the Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact, players will need to find and turn on some devices. These are actually teleportation points on the route that will make it easier for you to get around the islands.

You will have access to the Waverider, which you will find next to the first island, just open it to get it. From here, your path will be lit by foggy floating lighthouses. Follow these beacons every time to avoid getting lost in the fog.

When you reach each island, press the challenge button to jump out of the boat (displayed as a person with an up arrow at the bottom right) and head to the teleport, which will be marked on the map, then interact with it to light it up. This will disperse the surrounding fog. Then you can go to another island.

One – Twinning Isle

Head straight north from Pudding Isle, where you start in the region. You can visit the smaller plateaus, which you will find along the way to get to the chest, but the facility is on the second large island, which you will find in the north.

Facility Two – Broken Isle

Southwest of Twinning Isle is Broken Isle.

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