How to find a way into the ruins at the Chugyard to get Mekton parts for Gizmo in Biomutant

When you explore the world of Biomutant, you will come to Chugyard and an area full of all sorts of enemies. Be sure to communicate with the notice board in front of the Chugyard to obtain a mission that requires you to track down the Gizma that is believed to be in the area.

Go inside and remove all the enemies, then pry open the door and kill the remaining enemy inside. It will play a sequence where the rocket destroys the door and gives you access to the inner part of the Chugyard.

Go inside and find a Gizma who will tell you that he needs an important object from the ruins inside. Open the shutter door and you will face a zone of hypoxia. You can’t breathe in the hypoxia zone, so you’ll have to go through this area quickly until you see the tunnel on the right. Turn inside and you will find a door that you can open, leading to a new area and fresh air.

Inside, players will find a small room on the left that will contain a path that will allow them to jump to the next level. From there, they can slip through the rope and get to the truck. Grab the container that is on the truck, and then quickly turn right, across the broken ground and into the door. This part is another area that causes hypoxia, so players will want to go through it as quickly as possible.

Inside, players will find parts of the Mekton and then climb the yellow areas to get to the top of the building, where a new rope will allow them to slide down, back to the starting area. Then all you have to do is communicate with Gizm and give him parts of Mekton.

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