How to find a pillared world in No Man’s Sky

find the pillars of the worlds in heaven

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Among all the types of planets and moons you may encounter, those with an exotic biome are the rarest. These biomes are unique in appearance and cannot be compared to any other. That’s why they differ wildly in what you find on them. Most of them are divided into sub-biomes, and in this guide we have covered how to find one, especially the columnar worlds.

How to find columnar worlds

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Because columnar worlds are part of an exotic biome, they are difficult to find. The best chance to find an exotic or columnar world can be found in red systems. They have the highest chance of hosting any exotic world and this world can be pillar-like. From space, it appears like any other rocky world, perhaps even a desert planet or moon. However, if you explore the planet, you will quickly find that it is not a desert at all, but a kind of exotic world. The chances of finding an exotic world are slim and the chances of a columnar planet or moon in this exotic world are even smaller.

What are pillar worlds?

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Columnar worlds are incredibly unique, as are all exotic worlds. They look barren from space. But look down at the surface and you will see a unique landscape that is just as scary and beautiful. The pillar worlds have giant columns scattered all over the surface. It will be a combination of pillars that you can mine and pillars that you can pick up to study or sell.

These worlds are one of the most exotic in the exotic biome. They host life forms that you will not find anywhere else. On the one we found, one creature looked like a collection of golden crystals floating on the surface. It is the only form of life on the planet. In the No Man’s Sky tradition, these planets and moons are referred to as failing bases.

You can collect some columns on these worlds, known as Glitching Separators, that will appear in your base. However, you will need a two-storey room for this. This is a trophy of this type of subbiome and is a reward for players who have taken the time to find it.

All column descriptors of the world

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Columnar worlds are part of the exotic biome, but they are also under the shards under the biomes. There are three descriptors for this type of biome, and all the planets and moons will resemble a columnar world. They are as follows.

  • Columned
  • Columned
  • Sharded

Why should you find pillar worlds?

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There are only two reasons to find a pillar world. First, because it’s an exotic world. There is nothing rarer than coming across one of them. If you do so first, you can claim it and name it so that each player can see it. You can also pick up a trophy, which you can take to your main base and have on display. You will envy everyone who visits you.

The second reason to visit one of these worlds is an expedition. In past expeditions, some milestones have been commissioned by players to search for a specific type of world. This will be the case for all future expeditions, so knowing what to look for when trying to find a pillar world is important to have.

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