How to find a desert world in No Man’s Sky

desert planet in the sky

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The desert planet is one of the most barren in the entire sky, No Man’s Sky. As a result, you will come across them quite often in the parade. Once you’re in the middle of the road and need to find one, they all seem to be gone. Therefore, in this guide, we will look at how to find a desert planet or moon in No Man’s Sky.

What are desert worlds?

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Desert worlds are, in fact, part of the world’s infertile biome. These worlds are characterized by having rocky surfaces on which there are very few. Although they may appear like a sandy wasteland, they will always have some form of flora and fauna that you can knock about. Because desert worlds are not the main biome, they are slightly rarer than the general umbrella of barren worlds.

How to find desert worlds

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The only way to find a desert world from space is to scan it and look for one thing in particular. Cactus meat. These things only appear on desert worlds, so if you scan a planet or the moon and see it in the flora list down there, you know you’ve come across a desert world. You can see all this data from space by scanning the world and looking at its properties.

However, you can also find out if there are any desert worlds in the system by checking the Discoveries menu. If someone else discovered the system, there is a good chance that planets will be recorded. If so, you can quickly check for any desert worlds. If not, you will have to scan them yourself or land them to find out.

Why should you find desert worlds?

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There are many reasons to look for desert worlds. First, giant worms are more likely to jump on the surface. Ideal for every No Man’s Sky Dune cosplayer. These worlds have also been the subject of milestones in the Expeditions in the past, so there is a good chance that they will reappear. However, the most common reason to find a desert world is a mission. Some NPCs give you the task of discovering or photographing these worlds. If you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to complete those missions much faster than blindly searching for something vaguely dusty in the galaxy.

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