How to farm Character Points in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Picture via Nintendo

In Mario Golf: Super Rush, players will need to upgrade their Mii characters to improve their golf attributes. These enhancements, which include increased power, speed, and spin, can be seen and used in both golf adventure and offline play. But in order to improve the attributes of your Mii, you will need to get XP to take the character to a higher level, and this can be done using points. Here’s how you can grind character points in Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Simply put, Mario Golf: Super Rush players can earn character points by simply completing golf rounds. Each time you complete an event, you receive a character level increase.

Another way you can get character points is to complete practice challenges. Each area in Golf Adventure mode has a training area and challenges in this area that can be met.

One tip we have when it comes to farming points quickly is this: go through the tasks of Bonny Greens at the beginning of the adventure. As this is the first region you will play in, you would expect the challenges to be easy. You would be right about this assumption, because some of them, including working on approach shots, are extremely simple. And every time you complete one, you get a good amount of points (~ 100 points).

Just make sure you get your games and practice challenges, and you should have no trouble improving your character.

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