How to exit the Waverider ship in Genshin Impact – all controls

The Waverider is a new addition to the Genshin Impact in update 1.6. For a limited time, players will have access to the Waverider to explore the Golden Apple Archipelago in search of King Dodo and try to help Klee prove to be a good family for Dodoco.

Players can board a ship and use it to explore islands in the archipelago, but the controls can be a little confusing at first. To board a ship, players must be close to it and then press the challenge button that appears on the screen. It can be a board from the ground or from water.

The first control marked on the right in the image above is essentially a Waverider sprint. You can travel faster by water by pressing the prompt button. He will have a limited charge, then the ship will return to normal speed. However, it recharges relatively quickly.

Then there’s a cannon shot. It can be held and then released to make a powerful shot from a cannon, which will do great damage to light platforms at sea.

The third button on the right is a standard attack. Inflicts much less damage than a charged shot to enemies and platforms. Finally, the fourth prompt shows the button to exit Waverider. This needs to be held for a while, then the player will be fired into the air and able to swim to land.

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