How to eliminate Raptor, Zenith, or Blackheart in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6

One of the challenges for Fortnite this week is to remove one of the bosses. Raptor, Zenith and Blackheart can be found in different areas of the map, similar to other NPCs.

The difference from regular NPCs is that these men are not friendly and will open fire when they see you. They also don’t appear as small bubbles when you zoom in, so you won’t be able to use it to get a drop on them.

They tend to have a lot of shields, so don’t assume it’s an easy win, and use intelligent placement and cover to remove them without losing a lot of shields and health, or make easy loot for another player.

Raptor – Crash Site

The Raptor is located on the Crash Site southeast of Coral Castle. He will attack with a Primal SMG, which will fall after being eliminated, and he will also throw grenades.

Zenith – weather station

Zenith can be found at the weather station south of Catty Corner. He normally wanders around the second floor of the main building.

Blackheart – Viking vessel

Blackheart threw Ragnarok off a Viking ship and can be found wandering across the deck.

Now that you know where to find Raptor, Zenith and Blackheart, you will find below the challenges of Chapter 6 of Season 6, Week 3 below:

  • Fly 20 meters with a chicken
  • Hunt chickens
  • Catch fish on Camp Cod, canoeing by the lake or in a secret fortress
  • Cause shotgun damage
  • Get headshots with rifles
  • Use a pistol or revolver to cause damage within 20 meters
  • Eliminate Raptor, Zenith or Blackheart
  • Feed the colored eggs hidden along the map

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