How to earn the Become War medal in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War 80s Action Heroes event

The Action Heroes action of the 80’s for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone throws a huge number of challenges at players and not all of them are clear on how to meet them. One of them is a challenge called War You Won’t Believe, which reads, “Earn 25 in multiplayer or zombies. Become war medals using automatic weapons.” But what is the Become War medal and how do you deserve it? Interestingly, this description can be misleading or misleading, although players have figured out how to obtain it.

Attentive players on the Cold War subspecies of Black Ops they shared their experiences Get a medal in multiplayer or zombies. The requirements for obtaining these medals are as follows:

  • Multiplayer: Quickly kill 2 or more enemies with an automatic weapon without reloading.
  • Zombies: Quickly kill 10 or more enemies with an automatic weapon without reloading.
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Become a war
Screenshot by gameerror

However, if you look at the barracks and go to the Medals section, you will not find any medals called Become a War – instead you will find this description under the medal called Fully Loaded. We’ve noticed that the graphics of the Full Loaded medal match the theme and aesthetics of the 80’s Action Heroes, so it’s safe to assume that this was a typo, or that Become War is simply a variation of the Full Loaded medal that requires assault rifles.

Regardless, we received one fully charged medal from this writing, and the event tracking tool counts it as a Become a War with Assault Rifles medal. It’s a weird situation, but with an assault rifle, you still get multiple kills, and it shouldn’t be long until you can bear these medals.

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