How to dual wield weapons in Biomutant

In Biomutant, players will fight all kinds of monsters with swords, sticks, rifles, small arms and many other weapons. Under normal circumstances, players will be equipped with one melee weapon and one ranged weapon, who will take turns in combat.

The radial wheel for melee and ranged weapons allows you to quickly change the type of weapon or melee weapon you are using. However, there is a way to control both melee and ranged weapons.

When players level up, they gain points that they can spend on the Wung-Fu menu. This is an offer that allows them to purchase combat-related skills. In melee combat, players will find a Dual Wield Melee menu where they can purchase a skill called the Twin Silver Grip. This will then allow them to control two weapons with one hand.

In the Ranged Combat menu, you’ll find Dual Wield Guns and a skill called Two Faced Cobra Grip, which allows you to control two weapons with one hand at a time.

Then you will have to enter the Inventory and Gear menus and equip a one-handed weapon of the right type, at close range or at a distance, in the main hand and in the hand. Remember that equipping any two-handed weapon means that you will not be able to control a double weapon and at the same time you cannot control a weapon at close range or a ranged weapon, even if they can be quickly replaced during combat.

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