How to deploy the Parametric Transformer in Genshin Impact – Traveler’s Picture Book challenge

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One of the challenges of the Traveler’s Picture Book web event from Genshin Impact is the deployment of a parametric transformer. This is a device that was introduced at the beginning of the year and is used to convert unwanted materials into higher value materials.

While many players should already have a parametric transformer, this guide discusses how to obtain one for those who may not even realize it exists.

How to get a parametric transformer

To get a parametric transformer, you must complete the world task Tianqiu Treasure Trail. You can get it from Lan near the Adventurers’ Guild in Liyue Harbor. After completing the task, you will have a parametric transformer in the inventory in the Gadgets section. You can use either the video above or the linked task to complete the task.

How to use a parametric transformer

In the inventory, go to the Gadgets section, equip the parametric transformer and place it on the ground. You can do it anywhere. Now communicate with him and bring up a menu showing a lot of items from the list. They can be items that fall out of the enemy, regional specialties, and even common items like Sunsettia, Berries and the like.

Each item has a different quality level, and you must place it in items that increase the total quality to 150.

  • 1 Quality: Materials fallen from enemies below level 40, common fruits, resources, etc.
  • 2 Quality: Materials fallen from enemy level 40+
  • 4 Quality: Materials dropped from enemy level 60+

When the device is full, you must hit it with elemental attacks from your characters until the progress bar reaches 100%. You can use any elementary skill or dose to do this, so go through your party until it’s complete.

When done, the parametric transformer will automatically return to your inventory and you will receive items such as Rise Materials, Talent Rise Materials, Hero Wit, Ore Enhancements and more. It is good to add easily searchable items to the parametric transformer, especially because the rewards are generated randomly.

When you are finished, go to the Special Event menu and get rewarded for the “Deployment of a parametric transformer” prompt.

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