How to delete your play activity on Nintendo Switch

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Is there a game you’re ashamed of? Do you want your profile to be erased from the face of existence that everyone can see? While solutions may have major warnings, there are several ways to eliminate your gaming activity on the Nintendo Switch.

How to delete your game activity using user settings

  • Click on your profile at the top left of the main menu screen
  • From there, move the cursor down to the Custom Settings section
  • In the Profile Settings section, you will find Play Activity Settings
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  • You now have two options.
    • The first is to change the visibility of your games played. You can change this using Nobody, Best Friends, Friends, and All Users (all on Nintendo Switch). If you are silent about what you are playing, you will want to choose Nobody. The problem is that no one will know when you play a multiplayer game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Monster Hunter Rise. If you don’t invite them, they will never know you’re online, ready to deal.
    • The second involves deleting your entire game history. This means that all recorded hours and your game library listed in your profile will disappear. You will still have your games in your account, but others will not know what you have done. In addition, you will not be able to watch the countless Mario Kart 8 Deluxe that you have played.

There is another, yet annoying way

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Your profile shows the last 20 games you have played. If you want to play a game you are not proud of, you can hide it behind 20 different titles. You will have to start them all so that your dirty little secret is not hidden from view. If you don’t have that many, you can always download games that you can play for free on the Nintendo Switch.

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