How to defeat AL-G Rhythm in Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game

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Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game is a quick and straightforeat beat ’em up. It shouldn’t take you more than 45 minutes to complete the story for the first time in the game. It’s just a friendly little complementary partnership between Warner Bros. and Xbox, which created the game in six months and provide it to anyone who wants a quick run of entertainment. But as you near the end of this run, you will face the main opponent of the game, AL-G Rhythm. Here’s how to beat him.

Like everything else in Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game, the fight with AL-G Rhythm is easy to understand. When the battle begins, it fires energy bursts where you stand. Just walk or run while it does; It is very easy to avoid.

After his first attack passes, he strikes the ground with both fists. Take this opportunity and attack them. It will feel like you are doing very little damage, but don’t worry about it yet.

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He will now move between several different moves. With one, the ball sends energy to both sides, which will move across the battlefield. Like the barrels in earlier parts of the game, only skip twice to avoid damage.

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His next attack sees him hit the ground with his right hand (for you the left side of the screen). Do not fall into the trap of attacking this hand, because it will quickly sweep the ground. As soon as the hand falls, avoid the attack with a double jump.

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After a while, AL-G Rhythm strikes the ground again with both fists. Now a few hits landed. When you do enough damage, it will recede into the background and you will have to deal with other enemies. If the power to your card is charged at this time, use it if you need to.

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When all enemies are defeated, one of the chips you collected earlier in the game will appear. Grab a basketball and charge a pass that will destroy the briefcase and cause great damage to the boss.

From this point forward, repeat everything we told you twice more. The only time we noticed that his attacks were changing was his last energy ball attack, which made the balls spin together across the screen, so nothing was really remarkable. Just avoid his attacks and attack him as soon as your fists hit the ground.

After destroying the third case, the AL-G rhythm will be defeated and you will finish the game.

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