How to connect to Dark Thoughts in Psychonauts 2

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One of the new moves for Rasputin introduced in Psychonauts 2 is Mental Connection. It allows you to quickly transport to new areas and gain collectibles or shorten the distance between you and enemies. When we say all this, as you come to different minds, you will notice sources of dark thoughts that Raz cannot join. Here’s how to use mental connections to dark thoughts in Psychonauts 2.

To join Dark Thoughts in Psychonauts 2, you will need to fully upgrade your Mental Connection movement on the badge upgrade page in the diary. To be eligible for an upgrade, you must first achieve a rank at level 30. Then save the five upgrade points needed for the final upgrade at that level and you will have it.

We recommend that you perform this upgrade as soon as possible so that you can follow these paths of dark thoughts and get as many collectibles as you run for the first time. Although you might get stuck, but if you can grab the accessory on the other side for the first time, you can do it too.

Unfortunately, this update does not add any better tool to the Mental Connection’s offensive capabilities, but it will take you to other areas from which you were previously locked.

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