How to complete UNC: Lost Module in Mass Effect Legendary Edition – Data Module location

You can get several missions while exploring the galaxy in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. These are great ways to increase your level and help improve your team’s equipment. One of these missions is the task of the UNC: Lost Module. You will have to find a data module on the planet and the inhabitants of the planet with it unfortunately escaped.

How to recover a UNC task: Lost module

You can get this task by flying to the Attican Beta cluster. Then you will have to fly the Hercules system. Upon arrival in the area, Admiral Hackett will contact you and inform you of the situation.

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When you choose the world, you want to land on Eletania.

Where to find the data module

On Eletania, you will receive the place where the probe collision hit the planet. It should be right in the center of the planet, closer to the eastern part of the world.

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When you reach the downed probe, the modular device is not inside the probe. Instead, there are several pyjacks, monkey creatures around the site. You will then receive four monkey colonies that you must visit. We will make your life easier. The monkey colony you want to visit is in the northernmost part of the planet. Go there and you will find a mine. The device is inside this structure.

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You will not find any enemies inside the mine. Instead, there are more monkeys. Continue along the path and get far back. You will have to go through two doors. You want the one on the right. There are two monkeys and the one in the back will have a data module. Interact with a monkey, and it will be a data module.

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After obtaining the data module, return as you came and there will be new enemies in the area. They’re Geth, probably those the Alliance has been spying on using a data module. Clean them from the mine and you can return to Mako. All you have to do is return to Normandy, and you can leave.

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