How to complete UNC: Hostage in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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Not everything is perfect in the galaxy Mass Effect Legendary Edition. In the Hades Gamma cluster, a group of biotics took hostages and captured the chairman of the parliamentary subcommittee on transhuman studies. You will need to get into the facility and persuade the leader to let them go peacefully, or you can accomplish this mission by meeting alternative goals.

Where to find UNC: Hostages

UNC Mission: You can get a hostage by listening to the Citadel while traveling by elevator. Alternatively, you will receive a journal entry for this task when entering the Farinata system.

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The location you have to go to in the Farinata system will be a transport ship called MSV Ontario.

We’re rescuing the hostages

When you arrive at MSV Ontario, you will see a handful of red dots in the next part of the ship. When you arrive in this area, the biotic terrorists will become hostile to you and a timer will appear at the top. You have three minutes to complete these terrorists and get to the end of the hostage ships. These enemies have biotic abilities and can easily knock you to the ground, making it difficult to fire or move. You will want to avoid these attacks and stay in hiding.

Alternatively, you can avoid all the enemies and throw yourself at the back of the ship and talk to the leader to completely avoid the enemies.

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When you arrive at the hostage site, the biotic terrorist leader will have a weapon for President Burns, the one who arrived to try to help the biotics. When you have the option to choose the best result, you will be able to choose Paragon and Renegade if you have enough points, spells or intimidation, depending on the type of Shepard you play. You want to choose one of these options, because the other options on the right side of the dial lead to a shootout.

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After completing this part of the mission, you will be able to talk to the biotic leader and reach a peaceful conclusion. You get Paragon or Renegade points based on the selected dialog option.

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