How to complete UNC: Geth Incursions in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

When you find yourself in the Armstrong Nebula in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Admirial Hackett addresses you about Geth’s recent attack. They hit the outer layer of the galaxy quite a bit and formed four bases. He wants you to find their locations scattered throughout the region and find them in every system.

How to complete UNC: Geth Incursions

To get the UNC: Geth Incursions quest, don’t forget to fly into the Armstrong Nebula. If you don’t, you won’t get it in your diary.

Geth Outpost 1 – Rayingri, Gagarin

The first one outside can be found in the Gagarin system. Fly to it and the planet you want to land on will be Rayingri. When you get there, Geth Outpost is near the center of the map, on top of the mountain. Unfortunately, navigating this mountain with Mako can be extremely difficult and it can take you some time to climb to the top. We recommend playing with Mako’s terrain negotiation talent and trying to find small strongholds that he can capture with his rounds to reach the top.

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When you arrive at the base, you will need to clear all the Huskies inside and then return to the center of the base and remove Geth. Then return to where the Geth Troop Transport will send several Geth Troops to attack you. Once you repel the attack, you cleared the base and freed yourself to move to the next system.

Geth Outpost 2 – Antibaar, Tereshkova

Another system you can go to is Tereshkova, directly north of the Gagarin system. From there you want to land on Antibaar. The base you are looking for will be hidden next to several mountains. Although it will be significantly different from the previous base from Rayingri.

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This site is a small Geth Outpost with several Geth soldiers, missile soldiers, snipers and Geth Colossus. It is better to stay in Maku to remove them quickly than to be outside on foot. Before moving on to smaller enemies in the towers surrounding the base, we recommend focusing on the Colossus. Once everyone is clear, the Geth Trooper Transport will appear overhead, creating another force to fight. This is where the two Geth Primes appear, which are the biggest threat, but are quickly dispatched when using Mako. Once they are handled, you can move on to the next base.

Geth Outpost 3 – Casbin, Hong

The third base will be in the Hong system. The planet you want to land on will be Casbin. Geth Outpost, which you need to hit further, will be closer to the center of the map, on the east side of the planet. You will have to go over a small mountain to get to it, but it is much better than the one from Rayingri.

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Geth Outpost will have a similar structure to the second Outpost you cleaned on Antibaar. It will be an open area with several Geths strewn on small towers. You can shoot at them on foot or from the comfort of your Maka. There is no Geth Colossus to fight against. After defeating all these units, the Geth transport unit will appear, sending reinforcements.

Geth Outpost 4 – Maji, Vamshi

The last Geth Outpost is in the Vamshi na Maji system. Like the first Geth base you found on Rayingri, this base is on top of a large mountain, closer to the northern part of the planet. Fortunately, there is a clear path you can take, which makes it much easier to navigate this landscape. Unfortunately, there are several Geth towers on the way, so you will have to remove them on the way up.

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When you reach the top, another base will appear, which is like the one you found on Antibaar and Casbin. There are several Geth missile soldiers and snipers in the towers. Once they’re gone, Geth Colossus will be stationed in your place, but that will be the only enemy.

When all the bases are removed, both of your teammates comment on how one of them should be Geth’s main base. Unfortunately, none of them were, but a recent transmission from the Grissom system in the Armstrong Nebula suggests that the base is not too far away and gives you precise coordinates to remove for good.

Geth Base – Solcrum, Grissom

When you learn the location of the Geth base, the Grissom system opens, which is closer to the Gagarin system. Click on it and the planet you want to land on will be Solcrum. The base will be close to the center of the planet and will be closely guarded by a handful of rocket soldiers Geth and Colossus. They will not be too difficult to handle.

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Geth’s main base will like the Geth Outpost base you found on Rayingri, but its layout is different. There will be several Geth Destroyers, Stalkers and Juggernaut on the second floor. Remove them and a notification will appear. Before leaving the base, be sure to go backstage on the first floor to find the Geth terminal and hack it, which requires easy decryption. You can take it back to Normandy, but things are not over yet.

Geth Data – Tali

The last thing you need to do before setting out on a mission to Hackett at your command station is to find Tali in the engineering part of Normandy. She comments on the data and wishes to bring it to the Quarian Fleet to help them against Geth. If you agree, you will gain Talia’s trust and fulfill her loyalty mission for Mass Effect 1. Then you can return to the command station in Normandy and talk to Admiral Hackett about the liquidation of the bases.

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