How to complete UNC: Espionage Probe in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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UNC: Espionage Prove is a task in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which can be a good way to put a small amount of XP at your party and prepare for you at the end of the game. On Feros, you found a computer that detailed the logs of a cargo ship that shared delivery routes to a system in a Voyager cluster, but there should be nothing given the destination.

How to get to UNC: Spy Probe

You can accomplish this task by reading the logbooks on Feros, and your logbook will first be called Investigate Shipments. When you arrive at the Voyage Cluster, you will want to go to the Amazon sector. Once you reach this area, you will receive a message from the Fifth Fleet. Admiral Hackett will contact you to explain the situation and describe in detail what you need to do to deactivate the nuclear probe. You can start the mission by landing on the planet Agebinium.

When you arrive at the planet in Maku, the nuclear probe will be at the Homing Beacon site northwest of your home position.

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When you arrive at the place, it’s at the entrance to the mine. Your teammates comment on the probability that someone would move it and trigger a signal.

Before searching for the destroyed probe, you will have to go through the whole mine and get to the other end. As soon as you do this, a detonation will explode and a hologram will appear revealing that he is Elanos Haliat, the villain leader in the Terminus system. He reveals that he was the one who led the Skyllian Blitz, one of Shepard’s famous battles that he won. Haliat will let you die and shut down the nuclear facility to kill you and your comrades.

Even if you are imprisoned, you have to deal with the bomb. Approach the bomb and complete the manual rewrite. This will be similar to completing a typical decryption. To deactivate it, you must do so for more hangers on the bomb. You only have 10 seconds to switch between all decryption points and deactivate bombs. The ten-second timer stops during decryption and counts down only when switching points.

After deactivating the bomb, return as you came and the traditional exit will be covered with crates. Go left and continue from the new exit. When you come out, you will have a view of the small camp where Haliat and his criminals moved your Mako. Eliminate them and complete the mission.

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After defeating the camp and Haliat, you can return to Normandy to inform Admiral Hackett and inform him that the nuclear facility has been secured.

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