How to complete UNC: Besieged Base in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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The Mass Effect Legendary Edition is preparing a hostage situation, and Admiral Hackett needs Shepard’s help to resolve the situation. In the Hades Gamma cluster in the Cacus system, there is a base flooded by biotics, and they use scientists in the facility as mass shields to prevent anyone from hitting them and hitting civilians instead. You will have to attack the base and save six scientists.

How to get to the UNC task: Surrounded base

The only way to get this job is to fill 80% of the Paragon bar. Alternatively, if you follow the Renegade line and have at least 80% of it filled, the mission will be available when you reach 90% Paragon, so being mostly Paragon is better for this mission than Renegade. When you are at this time traveling from various systems in Normandy, Admiral Hackett will contact you and assign you a mission.

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When you get into the Cacus system, the planet you are looking for is Chohe. The base will be closer to the southern part of Chohe.

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How to protect scientists

When you arrive at the base, you will receive a notification that the scientists captured by these biotics have been drugged, which means that they will stand right in the middle of the shootout and will not move. You want to make sure you don’t accidentally shoot your skills during a fight, and you want to make sure your teammates don’t do the same. You can turn off this feature in the options menu and adjust the unit usage usage below the gameplay. We recommend switching to defensive or none.

If you want to save as many scientists as possible, don’t forget to save the game when you enter the facility in case there is an accident during the battles.

When you enter the room, we recommend that you go to the right and stay in this area. There are no scientists, and if you stay behind these boxes as a shelter, biotics will come to you during the shootout. You will force them to face you in close proximity, which can be problematic due to their abilities. But it is the best way to ensure that no civilian loses his life during the fight.

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After defeating all the biotics, you will receive a notification of your progress in how well you have protected the drug scientists. The best result is that all civilians are safe at the end of the fight.

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