How to complete the Waverider Quest in Warframe

The Waverider quest is a story quest that focuses heavily on K-disks. During the quest, players must complete various K-drive challenges to unlock new comic book pages that tell the story of Warframe Yareli.

Each site requires the completion of a new set of more challenging tricks and K-drive tricks. The first thing players will need to do is ensure that they have access to the K-disk by completing the appropriate task. Then, when they have completed the introductory task of Vox Solaris at Fortunate on Venus, they will receive a message from Roky, one of the Vent Kids.

Players will have to go to the Vent Kids hideout in Fortuna, but find out that Roky had an accident. He then finds out that he has to do what he does, completes all the tricks to unlock the comic, and learns about Yareli.

Page 1

  • Earn 2,000 deaerated children in a single K-Drive race
  • Helicopter x 5
  • 50 Point Grindy
  • Kill 5 enemies with a secondary weapon while driving on K-Drive
  • Perform 5 5x comb

Your game will show you the right inputs you need to do to accomplish all the tricks you need to complete, so just practice until you have done them all. For Vent Kids races, you will find all their locations in this guide. If you have your own board, it will appear on your map whenever you drive on it.

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