How to complete the Schwarzenegger Challenge in BitLife

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The weekend is back, and with it the new BitLife challenge, where you can test your skills and see how fast you can handle it in front of other players in the game. This week’s challenge is called the Schwarzenegger Challenge.

These are the tasks you need to do to meet the challenge.

  • Born in Austria
  • Emigrate to the United States
  • Go to the gym for more than 40 years in a row
  • Become a famous movie star
  • Become a governor

The first task is to be born in Austria. You want to make sure that your character starts in Austria, which is quite simple. Eventually, they will want to move to the United States.

The next task will be to go to the gym. You can do this every year while working on other tasks.

If you want to become a famous movie star, you want to improve your fame by taking care of your health and appearance. You can apply for the title of famous voice actor and develop into a movie star.

After you become a famous movie star, you can become the governor of the local city government. In the end, you can work your way up to the governor.

When you become governor, you will complete the challenge.

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